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We provide broad medical solutions for better living

Our society is faced with a difficult task. We need to stay together, stay informed, and stay positive. We provide professional medical support for all affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. All consultations are private and confidential.

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Discover TMS

The spectrum of our activities and services

No Injections

TMS is a fully non-invasive treatment. There are no pills .There are no injections.

Tried and Tested

You are under certified medical supervision during the entire procedure.

Permanent Solution

You don't need to worry. Your solution are right here on Long Island.

Relief from Covid Depression

You now have relief from all of the hardships caused by COVID.

Facts in numbers

TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) is the fastest growing non-invasive treatment for depression in the world. It is a breakthrough technology helping thousands who have tried everything to cope with depression.




Patient Improvement


Decrease in Depressive Symptoms


Patient Satisfaction

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Book an appointment its really easy will send reminder also before meeting, can book appointment in your future date also. and also check the availability of appointment according to your selected dates.

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